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Jul. 21st, 2017 | 09:30 pm

Because everyone cares about my culinary adventures:

Tonight, for the first time, I made pasta sauce starting from good quality canned whole tomatoes -- so, not strictly "from scratch", but close-ish (since they're canned fairly soon after picking). And dood, I can see why one might want to go to the extra effort. It's not hard, just time-consuming, since it takes a while to simmer down the can of tomatoes into the proper thickness (maybe 45 minutes? I dunno, I didn't keep precise track). But the result tastes so much more tomato-ey. (Avec a bottled roasted red pepper since we had one, and a few sundried tomatoes packed in oil.) I was annoyed/worried while I was cooking it that we didn't really have any protein to throw in (like ground beef or turkey), but in the end we just ate it plain on whole wheat linguine with steamed green beans and it was fine. More than fine, even; I licked my plate (ya rly) and then made crude jokes about what [personal profile] enotsola might want to consider applying to certain parts of his body. Heh.

(Also: I find myself wondering about the price per pound difference between what I paid for a 28-oz can of tomatoes vs. what the farm workers were paid for picking them in the first place. "Eek," probably.)

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