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chicken soup for the faery soul

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Mar. 2nd, 2019 | 01:38 pm

Just some quotes I've collected lately...

It is said that the land of Faery is as near as breath. So it is. And as far away as a land beneath the waves or deep underground. That is true too. Faërie logic allows for this contradiction.
     --Greg, "The Faery"

As through the hard rock go the branching silver veins; as into the solid land run the creeks and gulfs from the unresting sea; as the lights and influences of the upper worlds sink silently through the earth's atmosphere; so doth Faerie invade the world of men.
     --George MacDonald, Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women

I longed with all my heart for a fresh green silence between living water and forests.
     --Renée Vivien (tr. Jeanette H. Foster), A Woman Appeared to Me

The fae breathed magic. They were magic. To separate a faerie from magic was to cleave them from life.
     --India Drummond, Blood Faerie

...the mere presence of the Otherworld kindles in us the spark of higher consciousness, or imagination. It is the stories and tales and visions of the Otherworld--the magical, enchanted land just beyond the walls of the manifest world--which awaken and expand in human beings the very notions of beauty, of reverence, of love and nobility, and all the higher virtues.
     --Stephen Lawhead, The Paradise War

The land changes. Faerie overlays the land and comes and goes with the waxing and waning of eldritch tides. And those follow the lead of faerie time, which is no' like time in this world at all. It does no' flow straight nor consistent, and I canna' help ye understand its passing. Indeed, it does no' quite pass. It ... spirals. It goes and returns, always moving, never changing, for Faerie is an eternal world.
     --Cliff Seruntine, An Ogham Wood

Legend-making is not something that took place in the dim and distant past but a continuing process.
     --Jennifer Westwood, Albion: A Guide to Legendary Britain

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