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Why Do We View Fairies As Nature Spirits?

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Mar. 27th, 2019 | 01:12 pm

Why Do We View Fairies As Nature Spirits?
While many modern pagans and some non-pagan academics may view fairies, in toto, now as nature spirits that is definitely not how they have been understood across history, although as noted some nature spirits do fall into the wider definition of 'fairy'. ... This modern view of fairies as nature spirits then is one that has been woven across the last 150 years or so initially coming from groups who did not necessarily believe in fairies but were indulging in a need for entertainment using fairies as the players on the stage, taken from there back into belief, then out again, then back in. This process has largely divorced the fairy-as-nature-spirit from the folkloric fairy, and even perhaps the actual nature spirits from the popular culture ideas of nature-fairies.

Also touches a little bit on differences between faeries and elementals and the influence of Theosophy.

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