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you are in a maze of twisty little posts, all alike

My name is pronounced ARE-uh-theen.

I am also [personal profile] arethinn on Dreamwidth. Past usernames: tass and starlightforest. I also used to be known in certain circles as Eshari, if that name rings a bell.

Thar be faery, pagan, esoteric, and generally woo-woo weirdness here, although you may not see it unless you're in the related filters.

A note on friending and reading: If I friended you first, that generally means I am reading you. But if I friend you back after you friended me, it may not mean I am actually reading your journal. Sometimes I reciprocally friend people just because I don't mind if they see my friendslocked posts (generally if I know them in real life, but their journal doesn't happen to interest me). Please don't expect a 1-1 correspondence, that me friending you means I will definitely read and comment on your journal, because I may not.

I am addicted to Mystery Science Theater 3000, Harry Potter, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you would like to read Harry Potter fandom posts from me, check out my HP fandom journal [personal profile] shyfoxling/shyfoxling.

Also, poutine. (C'est bon!)


The coastline runs west [from Los Angeles], and then turns north up to the misty bay of San Francisco, which the Guide describes as a "good place to go. It's very easy to believe that everyone you meet there also is a space traveler. Starting a new religion for you is just their way of saying 'hi.' Until you've settled in and got the hang of the place it is best to say 'no' to three questions out of any given four that anyone may ask you, because there are some very strange things going on there, some of which an unsuspecting alien could die of." The hundreds of curling miles of cliffs and sand, palm trees, breakers, and sunsets are described in the Guide as "boffo. A good one."


MST3K colourbar by comically_so

Joel Hodgson colourbar by laerwen


In the hollows of quiet places we may meet, the quiet places where is neither moon nor sun, but only the light as of amber and pale gold that comes from the hills of the heart. (Fiona Macleod)

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